Best Resources for Adobe Muse Widgets and Templates

Feed your Adobe Muse library with widgets to help speed up your web designing process. Common design features like full width sliders, floating menus, galleries, team profiles, landing page templates, social sharing and many such designing norms are up for grabs in the form of widgets across various marketplaces. The premium widgets are worth it.

Tip about Premium Widgets: Rather than buying widgets one at a time, most marketplaces offer subscriptions for a fixed or yearly price. You don’t need their recurring subscription. Once you download what you need, a year is more than enough for you to exploit Adobe Muse your self and even learn how to create your own Adobe Muse widgets. A one time investment worth $100-$200 will get you access to hundreds of widgets for you to download and build on.

How to Install Adobe Muse Widgets


QooQee’s $89 unlimited pass gives you access to hundreds of Adobe Muse widgets & templates. They have a number of premium quality widgets for free like Shopify, a beautiful In/Out transaction and much more.


As the name suggests, offers Adobe Muse Widgets & Templates absolutely FREE! It’s great if you are a newbie experimenting with what’s possible on Adobe Muse, however, designs on this site aren’t exactly impressive.


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For a one time cost of $69, Muse-Themes lets you access their entire library for 30 days. If you plan to download templates and widgets in the future, you continue your subscription to the site for $9 each month.


From color palettes, forms, widgets to templates, everything you need for a complete Adobe Muse widgets library, are FREE on Their elaborate collection of muse material comes with tutorials and tips to help you get started.


Free and premium Adobe Muse widgets & templates up for grabs for $69 for the year via PayPal or buy the one by one as you need them.


One of the most cost effective subscription, so far! Nearly 200 Adobe Muse widgets & templates for $99 which gives you access for old and new widgets & templates for two years.


The CodeCanyon & ThemeForest sites on the Envato market have hundreds of Adobe Muse widgets & templates available for purchase per product. The Envato market is trusted by millions of users across the world with six months of support with each purchase.



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