30+ Common Questions to Ask Your Client before Redesigning a Website #FreelancerAlert

  1. What’s your company about?
  2. Who are you potential or current clients? (Ask your clients to share their company’s buyer persona, if they don’t have on an idea, help them define their target audience. This will help you understand how your user flow should be, do they need a site for users that have large high-res screens or are their users still using an old version of internet explorer?)
  3. How are your products/service unique? OR Where do you stand against your competition?
  4. According to you, what are the areas your competition is doing well?
  5. Do you competitors have a web presence that’s helpful to the brand?
  6. What is the general tone of your brand?
  7. Why would you want to redesign a website?
  8. What were the common issues or a common feedback about your current website?
  9. What do you intend users to come to your site for?
  10. Do you have a logo or tagline in place? Can we see it?
  11. When do you anticipate the new site going live by?
  12. What’s your budget for this project?
  13. Who is the decision maker on the project?
  14. Who is the point of contact for the project?
  15. How fast is your team and sending feedbacks and approvals?
  16. Which are your favorite 3 sites, designing wise.
  17. Which are your favorite 3 sites, features wise.
  18. What are some design elements that you absolutely do not want on the site?
  19. Who will be in charge of developing content? Do you have content strategy in place?
  20. If you plan to sell products online, how do you plan to accept payments?
  21. Do you plan to market your website heavily? (Do you plan or are you getting any traffic?)
  22. What is the current speed of your website?
  23. Will your website need constant change?
  24. Do you have or potentially have a blog?
  25. Do you have someone who can add the content?
  26. Do you need add new pages frequently?
  27. Would you need landing pages in the future?
  28. Do you have a team (or do you yourself) to make changes to the design or content?
  29. What are your brand or preferred color palettes?
  30. Would your website have graphics like illustrations or high-res images?
  31. What are some of the features you plan to add in the future?
  32. Do you need a responsive design? (If they don’t, explain them why is it important to have a responsive website)
  33. Where is the site hosted or where would you eventually host a site? (If your clients are not aware of what hosting provider they should get, take the time out to walk them through the process of choosing the best hosting provider)
  34. Will you be focusing on search engine optimization?
  35. Do you plan to integrate with other APIs such a Quickbooks, Facebook, etc.

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