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Envato, the leading marketplace for graphic elements like icons and brushes, stock footage, CMS, Muse themes and templates and animations, recently launched Envato Elements. I’ve been using Envato for WordPress Themes and graphic assets for the last three years. Not all of their themes have lived up to standard WordPress coding, but a few themes like Newspaper, X Theme, Juipter have surpassed all standards for beautiful, well coded websites. Their graphics are perfect, in trend and easy to customize. Each item however was priced individually, and frequently using their products wasn’t easy on the pocket either. To solve this, Envato introduced the Envato Elements.


What is Envato Elements?


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A lot of small and big digital asset marketplaces have monthly, yearly or a one-time subscription for their downloads. PSDCovers, QooQee, Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, and several others had similar subscription models. Envato finally caught up. They’ve clubbed in all their graphic assets from Photoshop Actions, Mockups, UI Kits, Icon Sets, Brushes to Web Templates, under one fixed monthly subscription.

Envato’s popular digital assets like vectors, textures, fonts, brushes, actions, CMS templates for Jhoomla, Magento, Muse, Shopify and several others are all up for grabs for currently a fixed lifetime monthly price for $49 (+ VAT in some countries). The marketplace already has 6,000 and counting digital products and they’ve promised to add more.

Who can use Envato Elements?

Envato elements replaces graphic and web designing tasks for everyday projects. Independent designers contribute everyday graphic elements and designs that can be used in any visual storytelling like explainer videos, slides, brochures, websites and newsletters. Creatives, Graphic Designers, Web Developers, UI/UX Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Envato Elements has something for anyone who needs designing work done.

How much does Envato Elements Cost?

Between my clients and my personal projects, we’ve collectively spent about $2500 in three years of Envato. We would have saved a lot of money had this subscription plan been introduced earlier. Currently, Envato offers the same plan for $29 and will one last sale for $39 in the coming few months. Before Envato launched, they had a discounted pricing of $19 (that’s when I signed up) which shall remain $19 forever.


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Is Envato Elements worth it?

At $19 a month, yes, it’s worth every penny. It may not be wise to get the $49 plan unless you really need their products frequently. Or you can always get a month’s plan, download what you need. (But if you are on the special discounted price of $19 you might want to stay put instead of paying $49 a month). We really hope they come up with WordPress templates,

How does Envato Elements pay out to their contributors?

Envato has helped make thousands of careers, especially in South East Asia. As per the details shared by the marketplace, the payouts for contributors will be divided based on the sign ups and downloads. Here’s a video shared by Envato explaining their payment model with Envato Elements.

Envato Elements – Subscriber Share from Envato Elements on Vimeo.

What’s the World Saying about Envato Elements?



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