Old Shark fish eye smartphone lens

Review: Old Shark Smartphone lens for iPhone & Samsung

While smartphone cameras continue to replace DSLRs in everyday photography, the battle of quality pictures continued until quality smartphone lens hit the markets. Quality Smartphone lens for amateur, social and professional photography range between $5 and $100. With a little bit of research to understand your photography needs, you can make your own professional photography kit for less than $200 and produce amazing pictures.

I recently purchased the Old Shark 3 in 1 Clip-On smartphone lens kit which included 180 Degree Supreme Fisheye, 0.65X Wide Angle, 10X Macro Lens. The Old Shark lenses are easy to change & mount on the smartphones, produce images of decent quality and the $7.99 price makes it the perfect smartphone lens for on-the-go photographers.

Closer look at the lenses:

We tested the Old Shark lenses on iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S6 and the iPad mini (without cover) and the clip mounted perfectly with all three. The fisheye lens and wide Lens do cover a lot more area than what the default phone camera settings, but the Macro lens – is really macro. You have to be 1-2 cm away from the object to be able to focus, otherwise all you’re going to see is a blurry image.
Tip: As advertised, the packaging does arrive with the macro lens and wide lens attached.

Pictures with the Old shark 3-1 Smartphone lens kit:

Old Shark 180 Degrees Fish Eye Smartphone Lens

Old Shark 180 Degrees Fisheye Smartphone Lens


Image credit Mayank Gupta | Old Shark Macro Lens Demo

Image credit Mayank Gupta | Old Shark Macro Lens Demo

Old Shark Wide Angle Smartphone Lens example

Example of a picture taken by the Old Shark Wide Angle Smartphone Lens

In a nutshell, though there are many lens in the market that produce  better pictures, the Old Shark lens are more than perfect for bloggers and budding photographers who are just starting out.

Where Can I buy Old Shark Smartphone lenses?

I got my OldShark 3 in 1 Clip-On 180 Degree Supreme Fisheye + 0.65X Wide Angle+ 10X Macro Lens from Amazon, the package arrived in perfect condition and within two days (Prime membership benefits). Click here for Old Shark’s complete catalogue of cameraphone and smartphone lenses.

Alternatives to Old Shark Lenses:

There are a few camera phone lens kits in the markets that are under $25 which are just as good. According to some websites like DesignBolt.com and consumer reviews, The Wonbsdom lens kit and the YOPO Bundle of 5 are the next best things to include in your phone photography kit.

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