Wireframes and Mockup Tools for Web Designers [FREE]

If you are still using Presentation softwares and a napkin & pen, for your wireframe, it’s time to upgrade. There are a number of premium mockup tools like Balsamiq, GoMockingBird.com, come with a lot of built in features to help you collaborate and make brilliant prototypes and mockup on your next product, but with a price too. You can get most of those features by using some of the free wireframes and mockup tools listed below. Let’s take a close look:

1. Just In Mind:

A free tool that let’s you create prototypes and mockups for websites, mobile apps and wearables like the  Apple Watch. They have a 30 day free trial for their PRO account, but you can continue using most of the tool as a free user, post the free trail period. JustInMind is available for MAC & WINDOWS. The tool is also compatible with Sketch, Illustrator, and PhotoShop. The prototypes can be exported as HTML in the .PRO version.


A simple wireframe and mockup tool that works on your browser is absolutely free. You can create your document and share it with others with a temporary link. The tool allows you to insert comments, lock & group layers and so much more. Their PRO account however, lets you create an account, export your wireframe as a PDF or in PNG. For shorter projects, WIREFRAME.CC makes a great tool.


This is the one stop shop for wireframes! From tutorials to wireframe templates long with a great mockup tool that allows you to create clickable mockups and wireframes. Fortunately, their free account is good enough for a small team. The free account allows you to export prototypes in HTML & PNG and comes with storage space for media files for up to 500MB.  IPLOTZ’s PRO packages increase flexibility for number of collaborators, cloud space and other perks.


With a great collection on prebuilt elements, Mockflow.com helps users create mockups and prototypes for free. Like iPlotz, Mock flow’s PRO account comes with perks of team sharing and abundant cloud space, but their free version includes access to all the apps in their design cloud.


An easy to use, web based wireframe tool lets you create and save mockups and wireframes on a temporary URL. Perfect for quick demos.


iPhone Mockup tool

A web-based free wireframe tool for iPhone users only. This iPhone mockup tool lets you set margins and “sketch” your wireframe as if it were hand-drawn. You can switch between two styles of mockups (illustration or hand drawn) and can easily share the URL with your team or clients.

7. Napkee

An open source mockup tool made by the open source veteran, Enrico Berti, is absolutely free. The tool lets you export Balsamiq mocksup to the Twitter Bootstrap, and allows you generates a set of HTML, CSS and Javascript files. You can also creative interactive prototypes with accordions and clickable buttons.  

What’s your favorite mockup tool? Mention it in the comments below


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